September 1st 2018 | Tempur Material
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Showcasing products with the best of both worlds

A noticeable change to TEMPUR’s visual identity can be found in the sleep tech universe.

Previously a separate, animated world, the graphics are now integrated into real lifestyle imagery.

The purpose is to keep the look and feel of TEMPUR® more consistent so that it’s instantly recognizable across a number of materials and product features.

The key challenge, therefore, was for the graphics to enhance each image without overwhelming

them. The result is a subtle flow around the products and models, showcasing the dynamism of product features, while maintaining a calm, comfortable aesthetic.

There are sleep tech graphics that feature in the new campaign: Mattress tech, Pillow tech and CoolTouch™.

The gold, glowing dots of mattress and pillow tech bend to show where TEMPUR® material adapts at pressure points. In contrast, the graphics for CoolTouch™ is blue to represent their temperature control benefits. CoolTouch™ is sprinkled with small snowflakes.

The aim was to find a softer, more poetic interpretation of the technology behind each product. Rather than keeping tech in its own dark world, it now has to work together with a real-world bedroom setting.

It’s important to note that while many shoppers are interested in the science behind TEMPUR®, there’s a risk of scaring people off or boring them with too much detail at first glance. People don’t have time to digest long explanations during the consideration phase.

Instead, the aim was to create eye-catching visuals with simple messaging to remind shoppers that the tech is there and inspire curiosity to continue further down the sales funnel.

By merging the real world with animated sleep tech, we aim for a simple, elegant aesthetic with a nod to the engineering that makes TEMPUR® a brand worth paying for.

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