July 1st 2018 | Tempur Material
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There was no shortage of sweat behind the scenes at the studio

Copenhagen, July 2018.

Across the city, one phrase is on a constant loop: “It’s HOT.” In a sweltering studio, just north of

the inner city, a crew of 10 people is being introduced to a new form of exercise – hot mattress


Despite the heat and hard labour, the atmosphere is buzzing. The director of photography, producer, lighting, props and agency people, together with a stylist, and a female and male model are making TEMPUR® magic happen.

Their goal – to capture images and film footage for the new TEMPUR® campaign and website.

The aesthetic is clear, fresh and bright, raising the bar to align the feeling of TEMPUR® across all


Over five days, the team works its way through an extensive shot-list. With close attention to detail, they capture images of all the products and film new footage for the Sleep Experience Centre.

Then, there’s web content for the QuickRefresh™ and Washable covers as well as tech-focused films for CoolTouch™ products.

Each mattress is shot in a different setting, with its own unique furnishings and linens. It takes about 1.5 hours to dress each room and lift the new mattresses into place, which makes for a very effective workout.

Meanwhile in Mallorca, another team is filming commercials and lifestyle shots. Clear communication and effective planning by the TEMPUR® brand team and various production teams ensure the new look and feel is consistent in Denmark and Spain.

Despite the Mediterranean temperatures in both locations, there is no pool in sight for the Copenhagen team to dive into when the director calls it a wrap. Rumour has it they found another way to cool off.

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