August 1st 2018 | Sleep & Customer Satisfaction
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How did we arrive at ‘like no other’?

Our new direction is all about the unique qualities of TEMPUR®. Everything we create is ‘like no other’.

To build on the recent ‘weightless’ campaign, we’re refreshing the imagery and core messaging to stay in tune with our target audience.

The brief called for clear and consistent messaging across channels, to prevent communication fracturing into mini, disjointed campaigns. Yet the aim was never to reinvent the wheel.

With this in mind, the team arrived at ‘a mattress like no other’, which will function as a platform and pay-off for the campaign over the next few years.

First and foremost, the new platform needed to reflect TEMPUR’s existing values and reputation as a brand. One thing to note is that, despite the refresh, TEMPUR’s brand positioning statement has not changed. All messaging remains closely linked to the statement: ‘Nothing supports and adapts

like TEMPUR®.’

Meanwhile, our focal point is the exact moment you lie down and the immediate sensation of TEMPUR® material. This is the visual hook around which all messaging revolves.

Considering the campaign’s global reach, it also needed to be versatile – able to translate across a range of continents and markets.

At the same time, there was a need to establish a stronger link to the science behind TEMPUR’s innovation, including more explicit reference to the NASA origin story. The aim was to bake all of these elements into the campaign moving forward.

The obvious challenge is that the TEMPUR® brand is at different stages of development in different countries. For example, our research indicates South Korea is in a phase of double-digit growth, with awareness still below 40 per cent, while the Netherlands is in a more mature, low-growth phase with awareness above 75 per cent. To match market maturity, the messaging needed to be simple and easily adapted across regions.

With a recurring hook of ‘…like no other’, we reinforce our position as a market leader, with unique, premium products worth investing in. Of course, we sell more than mattresses, so we still have flexibility. Wherever pillows are in focus, the line switches to ‘a pillow like no other’.

Our focal point is the exact moment you lie down and the immediate sensation of TEMPUR® material

It’s not all about words, however. The age-old rule of storytelling dictates that it’s better to show, rather than tell. That’s why a vast suite of images and films have also been produced to drive the campaign. During the summer of 2018, multiple film shoots took place in Copenhagen as well as

Mallorca, to create the new look and feel of TEMPUR’s marketing assets.

The dreamy visuals start with a shot of a woman floating in crystal blue waters, arms outstretched, bathed in sunlight, echoing the former ‘weightless’ universe. From this metaphor of ultimate comfort, other images feature product and lifestyle shots, many with integrated sleep tech graphics, showcasing a world of tangible luxury.

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