Top 10 facts about TEMPUR® Material

1st October 2020 | Tempur Material
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TEMPUR® Material is an incredibly unique material with an amazing history. We’ve listed the top 10 things that make it a material like no other.

1.     TEMPUR® Material is based on NASA’s invention

Our original TEMPUR® Material was born from a formula devised by NASA and then used onboard the Space Shuttles.


It was one of our scientists who in a breakthrough moment realised the potential of the material for sleeping on. We adapted and refined the material over many years, perfecting it for sleep and for use in our mattresses and pillows. 


It was this breakthrough, the continued innovation, unique qualities and worldwide success of the products that together earned TEMPUR® mattresses and pillows recognition from NASA themselves.


2. 템퍼는 NASA가 공인하고1 the Space foundation이 인증한2

이것이 바로 우리가 NASA의 삶의 질 향상을 위한 공인을 받은1 유일한 매트리스 및 베개 랜드인 이유입니다.

1TEMPUR®와 그 제품은 NASA로부터 공인을 받았습니다. 1998년 5월 6일 워싱턴D.C.에 위치한 NASA 본부에서 열린 공동 기자회견에서 NASA는 그들의 독창적인 기술을 일상 생활에 적용하고 삶의 질을 향상시킨 TEMPUR®의 뛰어난 업적을 인정했습니다.

2템퍼 제품은 본래 우주용으로 고안된 기술을 적용하여 the Space Foundation으로부터 인증된 우주 기술 인증을 받았습니다. The Space Foundation 및 우주 기술 인증 프로그램에 대한 자세한 내용은 확인할 수 있습니다.

3.     TEMPUR® Material responds to the temperature of your body

In fact, that’s how it got the name TEMPUR®.


When you lie on it, the viscoelastic cells inside instantly respond to your body warmth, shape and weight. That’s the secret. The material conforms and adapts, relieving pressure and absorbing motion. You are perfectly cradled in pure comfort and support.


It’s a unique feeling of pure relaxation, of total weightlessness.

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4.     It’s proven to relieve pressure across your body

TEMPUR® Material was originally used in the healthcare sector. A number of clinical trials proved that some forms of TEMPUR® Material relieve pressure from sensitive areas, including the back, hips, shoulders and joints. This provided great benefits, including comfort, for patients care. 


This unique quality can now be felt in every one of our products. By gently conforming and adapting to the shape of your body, TEMPUR® mattresses reduce pressure across your body to help reduce discomfort, and further reduce tossing and turning at night.


We are incredibly proud of our medical heritage. Even today, our mattresses and pillows continue to be used in healthcare, where their incredible benefits are felt by patients around the world. This motivates us to continue to strive for excellence in every product we design and manufacture, so that we can change the way people sleep for the better.


5.     You’ll feel no bouncing, swaying or shaking

Do you sleep next to your partner? Do they get in and out of bed at a different hour to you? Or, does their tossing and turning ever keep you awake?


If so, the good news is that TEMPUR® Material’s unique motion-absorbing qualities mean that, when you sleep next to your partner, you’re much less likely to feel their movement (and therefore less likely to be disturbed when they go for a late-night snack).


In tests, TEMPUR® Material has proven to be much better at absorbing motion than other visco-elastic or ordinary memory foam. Ordinary memory foam can have a motion transfer rate of up to 20%, but TEMPUR® material produces less than 2% motion transfer.


6.     It always returns to its original shape, guaranteed


TEMPUR® Material was designed to be ultra-pressure relieving and super-motion absorbent. But no matter how much pressure you put on it, TEMPUR® Material will always return to its original shape. 


And, unlike other mattresses, it won’t sink, sag or warp over time. We even guarantee every TEMPUR® mattress for 10 years so you can be sure.


7.     We designed it to help improve your sleep 

TEMPUR® Material’s unique properties work together to give you that true restful sleep.


The moment you lie down, you’ll feel the pure magic as the cells inside instantly respond to your body’s shape, weight and warmth, precisely adapting and aligning to every inch of you. 


The proven pressure relief gives your body total comfort and support, helping you to drift off faster and reduce your tossing and turning. TEMPUR® Material also absorbs motion from your partner, so you’re less likely to disturb one another.


It is all of this that helps you get a true, restful sleep.


8.     We keep our formula a closely guarded secret

The formula for TEMPUR® Material has always remained secret. Fewer than ten scientists in the world know it and they all work for us.


Unlike most other companies who use standard formulas or buy their visco-elastic or memory foam from elsewhere, we always manufacture our material in our own dedicated facilities. This is how we keep our closely guarded secret, well, secret.


9.     We only manufacture it in our own factories

TEMPUR® has three factories worldwide, two in the United States and one in Denmark.


Every piece of TEMPUR® Material is made in these facilities. Unlike some other mattress manufacturers, we never outsource TEMPUR® Material production to third parties, so you can be sure every TEMPUR® product is made by us.


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10.     You’ll only find it inside real TEMPUR® products

We don’t allow any other company to use our TEMPUR® Material in their mattresses or pillows. Therefore, the only way you can get to experience the pressure relief, motion absorption and incredible benefits – not to mention the unique ‘weightless’ feeling that comes from lying on it – is to try an authentic TEMPUR® product.

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