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1st October 2020 | Sleep & Customer Satisfaction
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At TEMPUR®, we take great pride in being number one in customer satisfaction. So, what is it that makes TEMPUR® owners so happy?

There are many ways you could say that TEMPUR® is number one.


Firstly, we’re the world’s largest bedding company. 


We created the world’s first visco-elasticfoam mattress and pillow.


Our unique TEMPUR® Material consistently tests highly overall in several categories such as pressure relief and motion absorption. 


We have received numerous awards, including being recognised by NASA and certified by the Space Foundation.


But the thing that matters most to us is that we are rated number one for customer satisfaction in multiple countries worldwide.


Discover why this incredible achievement means so much to us…


What our customers tell us

For our customers, the thing that sets us apart is the unique feel of our TEMPUR® Material.

Every piece of feedback we receive about it is special. Some people describe it as a weightless feeling, while others say it gives them the truest, most restful sleep.


We’re so proud of every positive comment we hear about TEMPUR® Material, because, behind the scenes, we’re working around the clock to ensure it’s the highest quality it can be.


In fact, it takes 60 hours to make one TEMPUR® mattress, and in that time it can go through up to 67 different quality tests. Only by investing this much time and effort in every mattress can we be sure you’re getting the best possible products – time after time.


And the results? Many people tell us that after a night of sleeping on TEMPUR® Material they feel full of energy and ready to live life to the fullest. Comments like these truly brighten our day!

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Changing sleep around the world

Our TEMPUR® manufacturing facility is based in Denmark, but our reputation for improving the quality of people’s sleep extends across the planet.


You’ll find TEMPUR® available in more than 90 countries worldwide. In every single one of them, we’re changing the way people sleep for the better. And it shows.


For instance, TEMPUR® owners in Japan and across Europe are, on average, more satisfied than owners of other mattress brands [i]. In South Korea and the USA, we are #1 for comfort and support, where TEMPUR® owners have told us they feel happier going to bed and being in bed[ii]. Owners in the UK, France and South Korea wake up feeling more refreshed and rested[iii].


It is this positive feedback from TEMPUR® owners that drives us on our mission to help the world sleep better. There’s always more work to do, but for now, we’re confident that we’re on the right track.


Your feedback matters too

At TEMPUR®, we are constantly refining and improving our products based on what our customers tell us – because the most important thing is to help people get the quality of sleep they desire.


Deep, restful sleep can help you wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Good sleep is essential to living a good life.

As a TEMPUR® owner, we’d love to hear what you like about our products and how we could make them even better for you.


Only by ensuring our customers have the best sleep can we truly call ourselves successful

[i] Disclaimer

Based on interviews with 31,500 mattress users in 17 countries between 2016 and 2018. Calculated by comparing the average upper satisfaction score of Tempur mattress users in 17 countries with the average upper satisfaction score of mattress users of the closest competitor in each country. Closest match refers to the most similar company based on interview scores only.

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For more details please contact rowlegal@tempursealy.com

[ii-iii] Disclaimer

Interviews carried out by Quadrangle Oct-Nov 2019. 481 UK, 607 French and 654 South Korean mattress owners participated. Calculated by comparing the average score of Tempur owners with the average score in each market of 6 competitor brands in UK, 6 in France and 3 in South Korea. Competitor average calculated by adding the competitor brands scores together and then calculating the average for each market.

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For more details please contact rowlegal@tempursealy.com

Research conducted by Global Headquarters and claims used online at tempurpedic.com

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