1st August 2018 | Tempur Material
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The origin story behind the TEMPUR® Cloud mattress

At TEMPUR®, the consumer comes first. This was certainly the case in the early 2000s, when demand for a soft, fluffy pillow was met with an entirely new sleep experience for TEMPUR® customers around the world.

At the time, TEMPUR® mattresses and pillows were based on the original TEMPUR® formula, which is characteristically firm and supportive. For customers seeking a softer sleeping experience, TEMPUR® was not the first name on the list.

It didn’t take long, however, for TEMPUR® to respond to this customer need – commonly referred

to in product development terms as ‘white space’. The lab team at Dan-Foam – TEMPUR® Sealy International’s Denmark-based supplier – was tasked with developing ideas to fill the gap. Under

the expert eye of lab manager Simon Simonsen, new formulas were dreamt up and tested.

Over the course of the project, Simon and his team maintained a close dialogue with the product development team in North America. Eventually, the team landed on a formula for hyper-soft foam that’s so soft, when you lie down, you immediately sink into it – ideal for a fluffy pillow. “It’s a foam type that’s extra soft, but with TEMPUR®’s characteristic pressure relieving qualities,” explains Simon.

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The extra-soft foam had another important quality – quick recovery time. In fact, it was so comfortable that Simon and his team decided to take the pillow formula one step further and make a mattress out of it. By combining a thick layer of hyper-soft foam with layers of the standard TEMPUR® formula and base, the TEMPUR® Cloud mattress was born – and the Cloud product family along with it.

A unique balance of softness and support, the mattress prototype was met with approval from the North American product development team, and the green light was given to go into full-scale

production. “It was a very proud moment for us”, says Simon. The rest, as they say, is history.

The TEMPUR® Cloud became an overnight success. The results were truly impressive – TEMPUR® Sealy International doubled its US market share, prompting a swift European launch.

Now a complete product family, the Cloud is available in four heights. With an instantly soft embrace on the surface, and the unique combination of TEMPUR® comfort and support, it is as close as you’ll come to sleeping on an actual cloud.

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