TEMPUR® Material

TEMPUR® Material

Superior comfort and support with new materials that respond to body temperature and weight

Tempered materials are made up of billions of open cell materials. This open cell is perfectly molded to fit your body in response to body temperature and weight when you are lying on a mattress. As a result, the pressure due to the weight of the human body is not concentrated in any one place, but dispersed throughout the body, giving you excellent comfort and support.

Excellent durability and breathability

The material of the temper is boast of high denseness and durability which is much higher density than general memory foam material. It is made of molecular structure of open cell, not irregular molecular structure, and is excellent in breathability.

Minimal pressure on muscles and nerves ensures smooth blood circulation

Since the temper is visco-elastic with little elasticity, unlike conventional mattresses, pressure does not return to the body. This pressure dispersion effect keeps the spine and joints in their natural form and removes the pressure on the muscles and nerves, creating a comfortable and comfortable sleeping environment even when lying down for extended periods of time.