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Your New Product

Getting used to the feel

If a TEMPUR mattress or pillow is new to you, and you’re used to a traditional mattress, your TEMPUR mattress may initially feel different. With its high level of support sometimes you have to become used to each other.

That "new product" smell

Some people notice a slight odour to their new mattress — this can come from our TEMPUR material manufacturing process. This smell is normal and usually disappears before the product reaches you. Sometimes, however, this smell may still be noticeable. It usually disappears after a few weeks. It can help to take the steps recommended in “Break-in period” below; these will help the TEMPUR material cells to fully open and the smell to dissipate.

Adjusting to room temperatures

The TEMPUR material which makes up your mattress is sensitive to temperature — that’s what helps it conform to your body and give you that outstanding comfort and support. In cooler rooms of 18°C or less, your mattress will naturally feel a bit firmer when you lie on it. As the TEMPUR material responds to your body temperature it becomes softer. When you get off of your mattress or pillow, it will return to its previous state.

Break-in period

You can speed up the break-in period by simply spending time on your bed: reading, watching TV or playing with the kids or grandkids. The extra movement will help the cells in the TEMPUR material to fully open (some may have remained closed after manufacturing). As they open, they are able to “breathe“ and respond to weight and temperature, but they always return to their original shape.

If you have a new TEMPUR pillow, you can speed up the break-in period by “Rolling” the pillow from one end to the other (as you may roll a sleeping bag up) then repeating this from the other end.

Use of electric blankets and hot water bottles

Please note Tempur would not recommend using an electric blanket with a TEMPUR mattress as the mattress works best with the natural body heat of the user. You may not feel the optimum support if an electric blanket is used. However if you still wish to have extra warmth via an electric blanket, we would suggest an over blanket rather than an under blanket. This would be safer to use and should not damage your mattress.

For the same reasons above Tempur also do not recommend use of a hot water bottle with your mattress. If you still feel you need to use one, should this item develop a leak which stains or damages your mattress we must advise you it will invalidate your manufacturer's 15 year quality guarantee.